Here's some of my longer pieces of writing. I discuss things such as design, design systems, data visualization and whatever else happens to be on my mind at the time.

Think Piece / Jul 14, 2020
The Quest for Originality
Was going to start off this blog by writing a few paragraphs on how nothing is original and we’re all just stealing from each other. So is anything really original? I'll be discussing that and more!
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Design / May 21, 2020
Experimenting in Data Visualization
This blog will cover two conversations that have been rattling around in my head lately, both related to experimenting in data visualization. I’ll be providing my own viewpoint on each, and I hope others will do the same.
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Design / Apr 21, 2020
Modern Dashboard Design
On March 23rd, 2020 I published a visualization to Tableau Public called ‘Modern Dashboard Design’ It appears to have started a conversation of sorts within the Tableau community and has become quite popular. It’s created a lot of interest in what modern design is, the actual elements that contribute to it, and whether it’s a trend that should stay.
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