I turn data into beautiful works of art

My name is Robert Janezic and I'm an information designer focused on creating elegant data visualizations based on subjects I'm most interested in.

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Recent Works

All you need is love

This poster pays homage to one of my favorite bands ever, The Beatles. It represents their core thirteen albums from 1963-1970 and breaks down every song in each album.
"Doing my best to cover and create the things I love. Trying to inspire others to do the same." - Me

Ebb & Flow

This infographic looks at music genre popularity over time, based on billboard hot 100 frequency. Music genres that were once popular are now listened to with a certain sense of nostalgia.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is an interactive data visualization portfolio website for those who use Tableau.

Tools I like to use

Web Design

My Experience

Here's a quick overview of my professional experience. If you'd like a more in depth look at my professional happenings, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.
Sep 2019 - Present

Designer - Tableau COE

Create, implement and market firm wide design-based documentation (Style Guides, Design Systems, Templates); Utilize my UI and product development skills to create impactful applications for our user base; Teach and help users understand fundamental design principles and concepts (Design Theory, Color Theory, Typography, Design Strategy, Cognitive Biases).
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Sep 18- Aug 19

Data Visualization Designer

Research, Design, Build and Deploy actionable visual experiences that add unique and differentiating value to health care systems; Utilize user experience techniques to clarify and understand the questions necessary to create actionable population health analytic products; Work directly with clients to create an experience that has high user adoption and answers the root cause questions necessary to make decisions.
Front Health
No17 - Aug 18

Logistics Analyst I

Jarrett Logistics
Jan 17- Oct 17

Assistant Logistics Analyst II

Jarrett Logistics
May 16 - Dec 16

Operations Intern

Jarrett Logistics
Years Experience
over 40 projects
Features & Awards
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Love what I do
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"I rarely see an individual who constantly strives for excellence in all he creates. Robert has the perfect mix of being incredibly technical and having a fantastic eye for design. This is why his work has been recognized by the great Data Artists out there."
Jonni Walker
Award Winning Cartographer at Mapbox
"Sometimes, a song comes on the radio and it transports you. The notes, the lyrics, and the instrumentation all combine to make something otherworldly. Robert lives in this space, a place where creativity combines with data to make an uplifting art from charts."
Bridget Cogley
3x Tableau Zen Master
"Rob is a brilliant data visualization designer and developer. He brings incredible design ideas to data visualization, and the technical know-how to execute on those ideas. Rob has a strong talent in seeing the data, seeing the use case, and then designing something that makes the insights pop right off the screen."
Joshua Smith
Tableau Zen Master
"I love Robert's style. He takes on complex topics through intricate builds and produces elegant, beautiful solutions."
Adam E McCann
4x Tableau Zen Master