From Idea.

To Reality.


Looks like you've stumbled into my neck of the woods. Well, now that you're here might as well look around a bit. But first, get to know me a little more...

Who am I?

My name is Robert Janezic. I’m currently a Product Designer working at JPMorgan Chase (Columbus, Ohio).

That's Me

I'm focused on understanding and listening to problems people have, then creating a solution that mitigates or solves that problem. Seeing someone derive real value from things I've created is an amazing feeling and I genuinely enjoy doing it.

Which is probably why I’ve spend so much of my free time on side projects like Power BI UI Kit, Tableau UI Kit, my Tableau Public portfolio and Print Work. Creating things is just fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To get in contact, feel free to reach out on either of the below social media platforms. You can also reach out through email.


Here's a look into my professional life over the years. Feel free to visit my Linkedin to get more info on my career.

JPMorgan Chase

Sep 2019 - Present
Product Designer
Create, implement and market firm-wide design-based documentation (Style Guides, Design Systems, Templates); Utilize my UI and product development skills to create impactful applications for our user base; Teach and help users understand fundamental design principles and sconcepts (Design Theory, Color Theory, Typography, Design Strategy, Cognitive Biases).

Front Health

Sep 2018 - Aug 2019
Data Visualization Designer
Research, Design, Build and Deploy actionable visual experiences that add unique and differentiating value to health care systems; Utilize user experience techniques to clarify and understand the questions necessary to create actionable population health analytic products; Work directly with clients to create an experience that has high user adoption and answers the root cause questions necessary to make decisions.

Jarrett Logistics Systems

May 2016 - Aug 2018
Logistics Analyst
Train and teach the inner technical workings of Tableau while continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in data visualization; Collaborate with managers and executives to create efficient and meaningful data visualizations that add value and answer the questions necessary for change; Prepare management reports defining and evaluating problems resulting in viable solutions.


It's important to have hobbies outside of work. Here's a few of mine:

Been into bouldering lately. A lot harder to do than it looks.
Hiking is great, gotta get out there.
Really into music and seeing it live. This was Coachella 2022, good times.


Just a few things people have said about me. I'm always appreciative when someone takes time out of their day to provide one.

I rarely see an individual who constantly strives for excellence in all he creates. Robert has the perfect mix of being incredibly technical and having a fantastic eye for design. This is why his work has been recognized by the great Data Artists out there. - Jonni Walker
Sometimes, a song comes on the radio and it transports you. The notes, the lyrics, and the instrumentation all combine to make something otherworldly. Robert lives in this space, a place where creativity combines with data to make an uplifting art from charts. - Bridget Cogley
Rob is a brilliant data visualization designer and developer. He brings incredible design ideas to data visualization, and the technical know-how to execute on those ideas. Rob has a strong talent in seeing the data, seeing the use case, and then designing something that makes the insights pop right off the screen. - Joshua Smith
I love Robert's style. He takes on complex topics through intricate builds and produces elegant, beautiful solutions. - Adam McCann
Rob has a very strong technical skill set in Tableau and continually impressed me with his ability to learn and master new data visualization techniques. He has a strong passion for Tableau and is working both in and outside of work to become a master of this technology. Rob is a genuine guy and a great teammate--he is an asset to office culture and brings energy and enthusiasm to the office every day. I look forward to working with Rob again and to seeing him continue to grow in his career. - Taylor Pressler Vydra